Ana Leaf Ladies Try-A-Tri – Let’s do it!

Calling all ladies! The Jersey Triathlon Club are holding an introductory triathlon for ladies only. The aim is to encourage ladies to consider taking part in a triathlon for the first time in a fun and supportive environment. The race takes place on Sunday 24 July 2016 in Gorey, Jersey. Not sure? Don’t worry! We are here to help!

On signing up the ladies will receive helpful advice from our friendly and experienced Try-a-Tri team. The early bird entry fee is £25 and includes the race itself, a t-shirt and swim hat.

To sign up or email our organiser, Truusje Gamlin, just click here for her email address and all the details:

Please join the discussion on the event’s Facebook Page called “Try-A-Tri with Jersey Tri Club”. Here you can keep up to date with all the latest training news, ask questions and get tips from the Try-A-Tri team. The information posted in this special group page will be private to only those involved in the event or have signed up for the race.

We want to help ladies unlock their personal potential way beyond what they ever considered possible. Be a part of our community and give Tri a Try!

What’s involved in our Super Sprint Triathlon?

Sea Swim: 400 metres (same distance as 16 lengths in a 25 meter pool)
Bike: 10km (a cycle from Longbeach, Gorey to St Catherine’s and back)
Run:  2.5km (3 laps of Gorey common)

To view the race map, click here: Try-a-Tri Map

If you know someone who may be interested please share this page with them. Or if you can share the event flyer that would be very much appreciated. Click here for the event Try-A-Tri Flyer




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    • Hi Caroline. Glad you are interested in our event. Yes a road worthy bike with disc brakes will be fine. Good luck with your training. Do join us on the 28th May @Café des Sports, Les Quennevais for any more info. Also we have a group on facebook if you would like to see what our other ladies are talking about and see how their training is going.

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