Next Race: Grosnez 2UP Duathlon – Sunday 30th October

Event: Grosnez 2UP Duathlon

Location: Grosnez Castle (Park and meet at Jersey Race Course)

Date: Sunday 30 October 2016

Start Time: 07:30 (Registration at 06:45, Briefing at 07:20)

General: The Grosnez Duathlon consists of a 4.3km run followed by a 26km cycle and a further 5.5km run starting near Grosnez Castle and will take place in the parish of St Ouen’s. The race will be structured in a 2-UP format, which means that teams of two will compete with the times being recorded when both members have completed a section of the race. In addition, team members can draft off each other (but not off other competitors) on the bike course. Individuals will also be allowed to compete on their own but are not allowed to draft of other cometitors on the bike course.

Junior members of the triathlon club may participate, provided that they are over 15 years old, and have the permission of their parents or legal guardian. They will set off separately doing a shorter route (the initial run, two laps of the bike course rather than three and one lap of the final run rather than three).