Ana Leaf Duathlon Series 2018: Race 3 Corbiere

Event: Corbiere Duathlon

Location: Bosdet Field (car boot site in Corbiere near the desalination plant)

Date:  29 April 2018

Start Time: 7:30 (Registration at 07:00, Briefing at 07:20

Entry: £12 Non members. £0 Jersey tri club members.  Enter before 12:00pm 28th April at

Course Description: EITHER (Short) a 2.5km run followed by a 20 km cycle and a further 5km run OR (Long) a 5km run followed by a 40 km cycle and a further 10km run BOTH starting at the car boot site in Corbiere near the desalination plant.

RUN 2.5 or 5KM (One or Two Laps)
Start on the ‘Corbiere Loop’ heading West, turn right onto the Railway Walk. Turn right at the sign down a track off the Railway Walk to rejoin the road. Turn right onto the Corbiere Loop. Proceed back towards Transition and either into Transition or continue along the Corbiere Loop for the second lap.

BIKE 40 or 20KM (One or Two Laps)
Turn left out of Transition onto the Corbiere Loop. Mount line will be well before the road, just after the timing mat, which will be just outside of Transition. Proceed clockwise around the Corbiere Loop, but instead of turning right towards La Moye proceed towards Red Houses. Turn left down towards La Pulente, along ‘Five Mile Road’, up ‘Hydrangea’, (not towards L’Etaq). Dead turn at the ’Cross Roads’ around the Marshall and then return along Five Mile Road, up La Pulente, turn right at the garage near Poplars, then left back onto the Corbiere Loop towards La Moye. Either dismount at the top right corner (NE) of the car boot field or proceed for a second lap.

RUN 5KM or 10KM (One or Two Laps)
Cross the timing mat at the bottom left (SW) of the Carboot field, turn right onto the Corbiere Loop and proceed anti-clockwise. Turn right onto the Railway Walk, cross the road leading to La Pulente to continue on the Railway Walk. Dead turn at the marker and return all the way to the end of the Railway Walk, turn left back towards Transition and then either into Transition to finish over the timing mat OR continue for a second lap.