Jersey Triathlete: Joanne Gorrod

Name: Joanne Gorrod
Age: 44
Nickname: Josie G
Profession: Trust Director

Prefer Swim, Bike or Run? It used to be running but now it’s the bike
Average hours you train per week? In the run up to the games around 10
What bike(s) do you ride? Cannondale for my commute, an Orro Gold on Saturdays and Felt TT come race day.
Favourite pre-race meal?  Lentil bolognese
Favourite sports person? Jo Pavey
Best Tip for newbies?  Consistency is key in training and don’t try to too much too soon.
Best and worst race moment?  Best: Probably Liverpool in 2013 winning the British Age Group Worst: Was racing Hyde Park the same year and not racing how I would have liked
Favourite saying or motto that you live by?  Pain is inevitable suffering is optional
Favourite place in Jersey? The sand dunes
Have you ever peed in a pool? Certainly not but we know if one South African who doesn’t even wait til he hits the water before he’s warming his wetsuit
Any superstitions?  I used to have some lucky shorts but one day they didn’t perform….
You’ve split your Tri suit badly around the bum in T2. Pull out or carry on? 
Now you’ve given me something to really worry about come race day. Hope the team Jersey suits are made of strong stuff.


*Picture by Charlie Wylie (*

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