Jersey Triathlete: Michael Charlton

Name: Michael Charlton
Age: 46
Nickname: Minky
Profession: Civil Servant

Prefer Swim, Bike or Run?
Tough one – have to learn to like all of them and find what works best to get the most out of yourself – probably if I’m honest it’s long hard bike rides – but you can’t beat Jersey for summer sea swimming and trail running around our stunning coast.
Average hours you train per week?  Anywhere from 15 to 20, especially when ironman endurance blocks kick in.
What bike(s) do you ride? Specialized Allez for commuting and winter/wet training – rock solid and comfy – doesn’t mind getting muddy.
Cervelo P3 TT – non drafting races and Ironman training – missile no.1
Cervelo S5 Road Race – missile no.2
Favourite pre-race meal?  Anything my wife cooks but especially spag bol – yummy!
Favourite sports person?  Kelly Slater – surfing freak of nature and still pushing boundaries at 43 years young.
Best Tip for newbies? 
Be consistent in your training and have goals to aim for – learn to pace yourself in all 3 disciplines – train with people who are faster than you and hang on!  Talk to people who have been there and done it – Get a coach if you are serious about competing.
Best and worst race moment?  Best: Feeling so strong when running out of the infamous and legendary Energy Lab onto the Queen K Highway in Kona world champs for the last leg of the marathon and passing people who looked like they were running/walking in treacle – best feeling, just knowing all the training and dedication had paid off – everything just started going vividly through my mind about family and what we’d been through that year, all coach Saunder’s advice and training we’d done, all my training buddies who’d helped me on the journey – just felt more alive than at any other time – very addictive feeling and spiritual place – weird because you’d think you’d feel terrible at that stage in a sweltering Ironman.  Maybe I was just hallucinating and dehydrated!  Running down the finish shoot and seeing my girls at the finish line – that was emotional!   Worst:  Not had any really (and try my best to avoid) but probably the bike leg in Liverpool GB Champs last year – teemed down, was cold and windy and there were a few pile ups into the barriers – not nice seeing fellow competitors getting hurt.
Favourite saying or motto that you live by? 
Go hard or go home!  What’s the worst that can happen?
Favourite place in Jersey?  St Ouens Bay – running over the dunes from my house and seeing that view – can’t be beaten
Have you ever peed in a pool?
Yes when I was a nipper – my bladder is just about functioning still so I’m OK for now.
Any superstitions?  No – just general and common triathlete OCD
You’ve split your Tri suit badly around the bum in T2. Pull out or carry on? 
Carry on for the crack!

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