Jersey Triathlete: Samantha Lee

Name: Sam Lee
Age: 26
Nickname: Sam
Profession: Leisure Assistant

Prefer Swim, Bike or Run? I like them all in there own little way. I can’t say I’m good at any of them so they all have their perks
Average hours you train per week? Depends on shifts
What bike(s) do you ride? My blue Focus and this season I’m going with a Cervelo S5
Favourite pre-race meal?  If on island salmon, vegetables and pasta if off island tuna, vegetables and pasta
Favourite sports person? Jessica Ennis and Jodie Stimpson but love to watch Gwen Jorgensen
Best Tip for newbies?  Don’t try and do too much too soon and have fun
Best and worst race moment?  Best:  Winning the Jersey Triathlon in 2014 – I was totally shocked Worst: Getting the swim wrong
Favourite saying or motto that you live by?  Shut up legs just get on with it, no pain no gain
Favourite place in Jersey? Greve de Lecq
Have you ever peed in a pool? I’m sure everyone has
Any superstitions? No not that I follow 
You’ve split your Tri suit badly around the bum in T2. Pull out or carry on?  
Got to carry on. You will run faster to get to the finish!


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