2015 Island Games: Competitor Information

Subject: Information for triathletes coming to natwest island games triathlon Jersey 2015
Hello everyone, we are getting very excited now that the Island games is so close. A lot of preparation has gone into all the sports and the Jersey Triathlon Club are hoping that the Triathlon next Sunday will be a fantastic event and everyone will have a great race. We are not sure when you will all be arriving in Jersey and as you have to be ready to go to the Opening Ceremony at 5pm on Saturday we have decided to do race registration on Sunday to make sure that everyone is able to make it.  There follows a time table of what we have planned. Please let me know if you have any problems with any of this and if some of you are not able to cycle the bike course early Saturday morning what time would you like to do it. I can then arrange a group to go later.

Friday 26th June
2 triathletes are free to take people around the bike course or run course if required or high tide is  at 14.44pm if anyone wants to swim on the course.

Saturday 27th June
8am, 8.15am and 8.30am guided bike rides around the island games course with local triathletes.  Please reply and let me know if anyone would like to do this and if these times are suitable.  Start and finish by La Fregate cafe, Les Jardins de La Mer.

High tide is at 15.44pm if anyone wants a swim.
There will be someone from triathlon available all day at transition area to assist with any queries.

Sunday 28th june
13.00pm onwards.  
Race registration and bike checks. 
You will be given a swim hat, number and Chip which you have to wear.

 Race briefing in big white marquee next to transition.

15.45pm approx.    
Transition closes and athletes make their way to the beach

Mens race starts
Women’s race starts

Medal presentation at Les Jardins de la Mer.

Wednesday 1st July – 18:00pm
The Jersey triathlon club would like to welcome you all to a fun really event on Wednesday July 1st starting at 18.00. This will take place at St Catherine’s which is at the east of the island. You can follow the coast out from St helier and it is a nice bike ride (approx 8 miles).  We are going to put all the names in a pot and pick out teams of three. Each athlete will do a short swim, a short bike and a short run. We thought it would be fun to all race together and welcome you to a different part of Jersey. For example, you could have someone from Jersey, Isle of Wight and Åland together. There is a cafe at St Catherine’s serving meals and refreshments too. We hope that you will enjoy this.

General information
There is a public swimming pool (Aquasplash) very close to transition which opens at 06.30 weekdays and 08.00 Saturday and Sunday. There is lane swimming from 06.30 to 09.30, 12.00 to 15.00 and 18.00 to 19.30 weekdays and 08.00 to 10.00 and 18.00 to 20.00 weekends. There is also a public swimming pool near the airport which opens at 09.00 next Saturday but will then be closed for island games swimming competition. The tide is now 15.8 degrees and you can swim at most beaches when there is enough water. We have big tidal movements in Jersey so at high tide or near high tide you can swim anywhere and at low tide only on the north east of the island. Sometimes you will have a long walk to the water!!

Some people have been asking about equipment. It is a good course to use a time trial bike. Some cyclists use deep rim wheels and some use disc wheels. It is up to you. If it is windy there are some places which are very exposed so it depends how comfortable you are with your bike and your equipment. I have asked some very experienced cyclists and some say if they could only bring one set of wheels they would always have a disc wheel and others say a disc if not too windy but deep rim wheels if windy. I am sorry I cannot advise you better but hope this helps.  
We will have a local bike shop doing bike checks at race briefing and they will also be available on Saturday if anyone needs to buy anything. They will also have a selection of sports nutrition products available at transition eg. Gels, bars and drinks.

Please contact me if you need further information and there is also information on the island games website.
Looking forward to meeting you all and wishing you a safe journey.

Sarah Corcoran
The Jersey Triathlon Club