Jersey Triathlete: Arlene Lewis

Name: Arlene Lewis
Age: Over 35..
Nickname: A or arlibarli
Profession: Hospitality Manager

Prefer Swim, Bike or Run? Anything but the bike!
Average hours you train per week? 8-10hrs
What bike(s) do you ride? My city slicker is a Mango fixie, tri bike is Specialized Allez
Favourite pre-race meal?  Mashed up banana, chocolate spread and nutty topping.
Favourite sports person?  Well would say Mo Farah but recently publicity is concerning…
Best Tip for newbies?  Don’t be afraid of the sharks
Best and worst race moment?  Best: Last years Jersey tri, achieving qualifying time for Island Games. Worst: A Jersey marathon a few years ago when the wheeels came off……
Favourite saying or motto that you live by?  Can’t think of one right now.
Favourite place in Jersey?  My sofa
Have you ever peed in a pool?  noooooo neeeverrr
Any superstitions?  Always wear two swim caps in sea
You’ve split your Tri suit badly around the bum in T2. Pull out or carry on?  
Carry on in disbelief!

*Picture by Charlie Wylie (*

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