Jersey Triathlete: Nathan Woodland

Name: Nathan Woodland
Age: 32
Nickname: None that I know of!  Nath possibly?
Profession: Chartered Surveyor


Prefer Swim, Bike or Run? I like that triathlon is varied, so I wouldn’t say I have a preference.  I enjoy all three.
Average hours you train per week? Up to 17 in winter, average 12-14
What bike(s) do you ride? Cervelo P2C (TT/race bike); Specialized SL2 (road bike); Van Nicholas Chinook Ti (winter)
Favourite pre-race meal?  Spag Bol every time, followed by ice cream!
Favourite sports person?  Jens Voight
Best Tip for newbies?  Apply yourself and be consistent.  No matter what level you start from, if you put the time in you will make great improvements.
Best and worst race moment?  Best: The finish of just about any race!  Worst: Ashbourne Duathlon circa 2003, hadn’t prepared properly, legs totally gave up on 2nd run, wow it was tough.
Favourite saying or motto that you live by?  Just keep swimming!
Favourite place in Jersey?  St. Ouen’s Bay.
Have you ever peed in a pool?  Not since I was about 4!
Any superstitions?  Don’t run/walk/cycle over 3 drain covers, it’s just not right.  Otherwise it’s more OCD than superstition, I like things to be in straight lines and facing the right way up (logos on bike components a particular bug bear!).
You’ve split your Tri suit badly around the bum in T2. Pull out or carry on? 
Carry on.  What would Dave Grohl do?


*Picture by Charlie Wylie (*

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