2016 Club kit available to order. Full details here!

If you are interested in some new kit we are preparing a bulk order from our kit supplier ‘Champion System’.

There is a large range of items on offer to keep you warm, dry, cool and looking good! Tri suits start from £69.

All our kit is manufactured at the same time and sent out to us in one large shipment. Everyone’s individual order is labelled separately by the manufacturer to prevent confusion on delivery day. We do however need to meet a minimum order requirement of 10 items in total – which in the past we have always reached.

We have set an order deadline date of 15th May 2016 – so that our items will be ready for race season and the Main Event in July.


Our kit has been supplied by Champion Systems for a number of years now and is super comfy. So if you need to see some samples, know more about sizing, fit or comfort please ask a club member. They will be happy to help. Drop us a line on Facebook or you can arrange to view at one of our friday swim sessions or wednesday 6pm track sessions.

Login Instructions:

Choose as many items as you like from personalised tri-suits and tri-tops to cycling jackets, bib shorts, running t-shirts, rain jackets and more – there is alot to browse through!

Ordering is really easy, just follow these simple steps to get started:

1) Head to the Champion System website https://eucustom.champ-sys.com/Login/en-GB/Default.aspx

2) Existing users can use their previous login credentials.

3) First time users, Select ‘I am a CS Direct Member’ – Access To Team Store.

Login using these details: Login: jerseytriclub Password: ironman (all lowercase) – you then complete the sign-up form with your own preferred login details.

Please select this specific order name:


4) Zoom in and Select from the various proofs of which particular garments you’d like to order – there are several to choose from in each section with various extras. For example it is optional to add your name to your Tri Suit or pockets.

5) Please check Champion System’s sizing charts carefully for details of each specific garment before placing your order.
Every item is made to order and there is a no returns policy due to our specific branding and logo on all garments. If in doubt – try on an existing members piece of kit before buying.

6) Your orders will be sent to the Jersey Tri Club headquarters where they will be forwarded to you by a club member.

7) Orders will take up to four weeks to fulfil and postage is charged at 5% of the total cost of your order. The Jersey Tri Club will kindly pick up the GST bill. Closing date is 15th May 2016.

8) If you have any specific queries, please contact our club kit man – Jonny Flanagan – on our facebook page or at info@jerseytriclub.com

9) Happy shopping!

Price List:

CS-UK-2015-PRICE-LIST.pdf (Prices may have changed slightly for 2016)

Champion System Policy: