Durrell Duathlon – 25th March 2018

Event: Durrell Duathlon

Location: Durrell Wildlife Park

Date: 25 March 2018

Start Time: 7:30 (Registration at 07:00, Briefing at 07:20)


General: The Durrell Duathlon consists of a 5km run followed by a 20 km cycle and a further 2.5 km run starting at Durrell’s Wildlife Conservation Park and taking place in the Parishes of Trinity, St Saviour and St. Martin. This year there will no Junior events.

Registration: The link for registration: https://race-nation.com/ana-leaf-duathlon-series-2018-durrell-duathlon



RUN 5KM (Two Laps)

Turn left out of the Exit of Durrell along La Profonde Rue. Turn left onto Rue de la Falaise. Turn left onto Rue de la Fosse. Turn left onto Rue de la Piece Mauger. Turn left onto La Profonde Rue and then left into the coach entrance (round the central fenced off area for the second lap or into transition).

BIKE 20KM (Three Laps)

Turn right out of the Exit of Durrell along La Profonde Rue. Continue right onto La Route de Maufant. Turn left onto La Grande Route de Saint-Martin. At St Martin’s Village, turn right after St John’s Ambulance and then left onto Grande Route de Rozel. Turn left onto La Rue des Alleurs. Continue along La Rue du Clos Fallu. At the junction with La Route de Maufant either turn left to continue for lap two/three or turn right after completing lap three to return to Durrell. Turn left into the coach entrance and into transition.

RUN 2.5KM (One Lap)

As per the first run route, but only one lap.